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International Polar Year:
Bacterioplankton genomic adaptations to Antarctic winter

Invited presentations

Scientific Conferences, Meetings and Symposia

Murray AE, and Grzymski JJ. Integrated approaches open doors to understanding how life thrives in extreme environments. Society of Aquatic Microbial Ecology (SAME) -10 Faro, Portugal. September 2007.

Murray AE, Grzymski JJ and Ducklow H. Ecological consequences of seasonality on species composition in Antarctic bacterioplankton communities. Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Integrated Microbial Biodiversity, Vancouver, BC, Canada. October 2007.

Murray AE, Grzymski JJ and Ducklow H. Seasonal Dynamics in Antarctic Marine Bacterioplankton Community Composition Reveals Adaptations to Polar Winter. Polar and Alpine Microbiology meeting, Banff, AB, Canada. May 2008.

University Seminars

Murray AE. Environmental genomics: tools to study microbial community diversity and metabolism. Environmental Engineering Department at UNR, March 2008.

Murray AE. Ecological genomics reveals a high degree of temporal variation in Antarctic marine bacterioplankton assemblages Marine Sciences College, USF, St. Petersburg, April 2008