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Brandon Carter

Professional Technician, Desert Research Institute

Participant in 2001 Field Season

M.S. University of California, Santa Cruz


Brandon Carter image

I joined the Murray team in April of 2001 having recently completed my Master's thesis (A pursuit of a molecular probe to the enzyme nitrate reductase in marine phytoplankton). In keeping with the theme of using molecular tools to study marine ecosystems, I joined GenEx2 at the initiation of the project. Early work entailed the screening of the Antarctic environmental DNA fosmid library (prepared by Ed DeLong in 1996) for bacterial rDNA sequence diversity, using a new approach developed in our lab. Resulting from the library screening aspects of this project, several fosmids were selected to be subcloned for comprehensive DNA sequence analysis— this task entertained me for the better half of 2002.

In addition, I participated in the 2001 field season at Palmer Station, Antarctica, where I was responsible for the molecular biological screening of environmental samples collected and where I initiated a culture collection of planktonic and sea ice associated bacteria. Samples collected from this field season have enabled the generation of unique libraries of microorganism and genes associated with these microorganisms.

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