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The following articles are downloadable PDF files.

Austral Extremities Newsletter by Antarctic Field Team member Alison Kelley, featuring Dr. Murray's current research:

PDF fileFirst Edition (217KB) PDF fileSecond Edition (254KB) PDF fileFinal Edition (364KB)

PDF fileMicrobes, genomics and the Southern Ocean (906KB), The Antarctic Sun, 11/25/01



Murray, A.E., E.F. DeLong, and B.J. Carter.
Towards an Understanding of Microbial Diversity and Gene Expression in Antarctic Picoplankton. American Society of Microbiology 102nd General Meeting, Salt Lake City UT, May 2002.
Kameda, A.T., B. Carter, A. Ghadiri, R.F. Feldman, and A.E. Murray.
Using environmental contig assemblies to identify marine picoplankton diversity and open reading frames for DNA microarray development. Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT February, 2003.
Murray, A.E., B. Carter, R. Cooper, and A. Kameda.
Utilization of a large-contig DNA library for exploring Antarctic picoplankton diversity, and as template for DNA microarrays. MO-LExEn Workshop. NSF, Arlington, VA September 2002.

Invited Talks:

Murray, A.E.
Bacterioplankton molecular ecology in West Antarctica: applications of DGGE, oligonucleotide probe hybridizations, and new directions in gene expression analysis. Alfred Wegner Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany, April, 2002.
Murray, A.E.
Microbial Genomics and the Environment. Nevada Genomics and Integrative Approaches to Abiotic Stress Scientific Conference, Lake Tahoe, May 2002.
Murray, A.E.
New Applications of Molecular Tools: microarrays in microbial ecology. NSF MO-LExEn Workshop, Arlington, VA September 2002.
Murray, A.E., B. Carter, R. Cooper, and A. Kameda.
Genomics applications to the study of diversity and gene expression in Antarctic picoplankton. Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT February, 2003.
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